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Angel figurines are cherished gifts and mementos that transcend cultural and religious boundaries. They carry a profound spiritual significance and offer comfort as well as a sense of guidance and protection. angel figurines manufacturers are artists who channel their creativity into exquisite symbols of love and protection.

This Meissen angel depicts a cherub at a water fountain and has amazing detail. Meissen porcelain is known for its high quality and attention to detail.


The town of Scheibe-Alsbach is well known for its hearty traditional cuisine, including dishes like Thuringian sausages and potato dumplings. The town also has several bakeries and cafes where you can sample delicious cakes and coffee. One of the most popular places to try local cuisine is Gasthof Thomas Muntzer, which serves a variety of classic dishes.

The porcelain produced in Scheibe-Alsbach is characterized by its high artistic quality and a rich cultural heritage. The town’s ceramic artists are masters of their craft, producing intricate works of art that are highly sought after worldwide. In addition to their fine porcelain, the town’s artisans produce a wide range of accessories and gifts for every occasion.

A visit to Scheibe-Alsbach is ideal for history buffs, as the town is home to many impressive landmarks and museums. Among the most notable are the Schlossberg Castle, St. Thomas Church, and the Glass Museum. The town is also surrounded by hills and forests, making it a great place to hike or bike.

The best time to visit Scheibe-Alsbach is during the spring and summer months, when the weather is warm and dry. The town is also home to many festivals and cultural events throughout the year, including the Glass Festival and the Christmas Market. The town is easy to navigate on foot, and most attractions are within walking distance of each other.


The town of Meissen is famous all over the world for its porcelain. Its products are flawless and the factory has a long history of producing tableware, ornaments, and figurines. Meissen is an elegant town with a fascinating past and an important part of European cultural heritage. The Zwinger collection in Dresden has a great number of Meissen pieces, and there are other large collections in museums around the world.

In the 1720s, Meissen produced many decorative wares that copied Oriental forms and were decorated with fantasy chinoiserie scenes. Later, it began to produce forms that were inspired by Kakeimon designs from Japan. These were popular among royalty and the upper classes in Europe, and Meissen also marketed its products as diplomatic gifts.

During the 18th Century, Meissen experienced its Golden Age. One of its most important sculptors was Johann Joachim Kandler (1706-1775). He moved Meissen away from imitation Chinese works and aligned its style with the fashionable Rococo period art. The company’s most distinctive 18th Century porcelain products included animal figures.

The Lladro brand is a leader in the production of ceramic angel figurines. Its story dates back to the 1950s, when three brothers-Vincente, Jose, and Juan-began making porcelain cases, plates, and figurines. They took inspiration from several European manufacturers, including Capodimonte and Meissen. Their creations proved to be very popular, and they soon opened their first store in Valencia, Spain.


Lladro is a well-known Spanish porcelain company that produces elegant and delicate figurines. Their pieces are based on important people, events, and traditions from different cultures around the world. They are sculpted by experienced artisan craftsmen and hand painted with delicate colors. These figurines are cherished and treasured by collectors and are an excellent addition to any home decor.

To ensure that a Lladro piece is authentic, look for the company logo on the bottom or base of the product. This is usually printed in a bright blue color, although the style of the logo has changed over time. The company has a large collection of figurines that can be found on their website, or at other reputable online retailers.

Among the most popular Lladro figurines are the angels, which depict the spirit of Christmas and bring warmth and happiness to homes. The Angel Dreaming is a lovely example of this, with its soft pastel pink and white coloring. Another good choice is the My guardian angel, which conveys a sense of safety to children and adults.

While the company has expanded its range over the years, it continues to focus on high-quality figurines. The company also makes functional lines of lighting, jewelry, and home accessories, in addition to its traditional figurines. Its products are distinguished by their refined and timeless design, and the company’s mission is to create sculptural art that enhances any home.

Jay Strongwater

Founded in 1981, Jay Strongwater designs and produces bejeweled home decor items. The company’s products include decorative boxes, figurines, and more. Each piece undergoes a rigorous design and production process to ensure quality. Jay Strongwater also offers custom pieces for those who want to personalize their purchases. The company’s home decor items are hand-crafted and use Swarovski crystals to add a touch of sparkle to any room.

The story behind Jay Strongwater’s move from jewelry to home accessories was serendipitous. He began his career as a jewelry designer while attending the Rhode Island School of Design in 1981. After garnering rave reviews for a necklace he designed for his mother, he began selling his jewelry at open buyer days for New York’s top department stores. He eventually worked with Oscar de la Renta to create jewelry for his runway shows.

In 1995, Jay Strongwater crafted his first bejeweled picture frame using components from his jewelry collection. He gave them as gifts to editors and buyers, and the positive feedback encouraged him to start a collection of jewel-encrusted home accessories. Today, the Strongwater Collection is sold in fine boutiques across the U.S. and internationally, including Neiman Marcus and Harrods in London.

Customers love the way they can almost feel the touch of the artisan that brought each piece to life. This sense of craftsmanship is due to the fact that Strongwater’s designs are produced by 125 highly trained artisans in his New York atelier and production workshop.

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