A Silver Menorah Brings Tradition and History to Life

After the Star of David, the Menorah is Judaism’s most iconic symbol, appearing on its coins and all official documents. It’s also the official symbol of the modern State of Israel, and is found on every street corner as well as in the homes of Israelis and Jewish tourists alike.

Whether it’s in Art Deco, mid-century or modern style, a silver menorah brings a sense of tradition and history to any room, allowing the holiday to be a time for reflection and renewal. At 1stDibs, we’re proud to offer 48 different variations of these heirloom pieces in our collection.

The seven-lamp lampstand used in the synagogue — and by extension, in the home — is a symbol of the Temple’s miracle in which a single day’s supply of olive oil burned for eight days. When it’s lit on Hanukkah, a modern or vintage silver menorah reminds us that the Jewish spirit cannot be extinguished even in a most challenging of times.

The menorah on view at The Met was missing its ninth candle, which is called the “Shamash.” It’s a service candle that is lit first before lighting the other candles on the Hanukkah Menorah. Creating a new Shamash for an antique Menorah is not a simple task. It involves creating a one-of-a-kind shrink-proof mold, fabricating a new arm and candle cup to fit exactly in the space that would normally be occupied by the originals, all while preserving the old, oxidized patina and finish of the rest of the piece. silver menorah

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