Why YouTube Should Be In Your Online Marketing Plan

When it comes to marketing on the internet, there are very few free traffic strategies that work well for you. Some of these free traffic strategies bring you traffic depending on if you continue to do it in bulk, while other free traffic strategies work powerful for you now – and powerful for you in the future. What is a free traffic strategy that behaves like this? It’s simple: YouTube.

YouTube is a phenomenal website. Everyday millions of people visit this site to watch their favorite videos, hear their favorite songs, and even to learn some information on a particular subject. It doesn’t matter what online business you’re in… I’m confident that you can make YouTube work to your advantage.

The average video length is around 8-10 minutes. With popular music videos, the average is around 4-5 minutes. Never mind the length at this point… you should know that the “time length” has nothing to do with getting more people to visit your YouTube video. Sometimes you can just upload a video and within 24 hours have it get a TON of visits.

And then on the other side, you could upload a 10 minute long video, and have virtually no one visit your video. It’s almost like a waste of time. Nevertheless, no matter what your video stats are, there are all kinds of ways to improve it, and all kinds of ways to use it to get traffic back to your website.

You can definitely use YouTube to increase your sales. At the bottom of every YouTube video you create, make sure that you display your website address. Also, include it in your description also – this will make your link clickable. The more videos you upload, the more subscribers you will get, and the more views you will get due to these subscribers coming back and being updated whenever you post a new video.

YouTube is certainly a great way to promote your online business. There is the option to advertise on YouTube under certain types of videos, but when done right, you really don’t need to do this. It’s best if you include your face/body on the YouTube videos. These kind of videos can get you a ton of views.

Another way to structure your video is by interviewing someone. This is instant content and information, that could possibly last an entire hour. YouTube videos like this get tons of repeat hits – especially if the information was good, or the interview was fun and entertaining.

YouTube is a very popular medium, and is something that I think everyone can partake of simply and easily. It’s not hard to create a YouTube video. Simply get a high quality camcorder, and start recording yourself. Give out awesome information, and you will find that people will want to visit your website for more information.

Don’t sleep on this technique. I’m sure you can find ways to get tons of traffic to your website from your YouTube videos. Focus on building up a subscriber list, and use this list to get repeat views simply and easily. Be sure to do it now. buy youtube watch hours

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