What You Think About Learning Hindi

While going through the posts on a Facebook pages about Hindi learning, I found that problems/difficulties narrated by people are quite diverse from beautiful to bizarre in nature and scope and straight-jacketing them into groups/categories spoils the beauty of this diversity. But for the sake of clear understanding, I have condensed the comments and then grouped them into three types – requests made, problems faced, and personal or emotional reasons.

1. Request for Help – instances vary from seeking assistance to asking for do-it-for-me.


Is there anyone who could translate my name into Hindi letters?

I need some help if it’s possible . I would have liked to know if “prem sé” means “by love” in 

English and “par amour ” in French.

I am trying to correctly find the Hindi translation for ‘forgiveness’ . Can anyone help?

I’m  a beginner Hindi student. I need to find a mistake in each sentence. These are the sentences:……………(omitted here)

I need help for my exam this week.

Could you tell me is there any Hindi-English and English Hindi Online Text Translator?Or maybe you have a program which can accomplish this task.

2. Difficulties Faced – mostly related to grammar.



There is no place (that I know of,  in our country) that teaches Hindi. I am stuck trying to learn and practice over the internet.

Its a beautiful language, but I get mixed up with the gender and grammar a bit.

I found the Devnagri script easy and can easily relate it back to English letters and sounds but my main failing is word order, or more getting gender and context right.

Listening and talking is not so difficult to learn, but writing and reading … wow – it’ll take time 🙂

I’m just starting but I would like to learn the aksharas and how to used it right because I started to studied them but it´s very difficult for me.

I can speak some phrases and I can read Devnagri script. Please help me. I want to learn more.

I am learning Hindi for some time, but I have none to talk to. I would like to practice and talk to someone whose native language is Hindi.

I was wondering if there’s an intuitive way to know which NOUN goes with which VERB and in which CASE….because I have to learn lot of them just by heart. succesfully

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