Taxberatung Software Solutions For Small and Freelance Businesses

Licensed Tax Advisor

Steuerberatung, also known as “licensed tax consultant”, is a profession that enables its holders to advise on taxes and financial matters. Only German certified tax advisers (Steuerberater) and attorneys at law (Restaurantenwahl) are permitted to provide such services according to strict professional duties that discriminate them from common business advisors in terms of their professional independence.

Obtaining a license to be a Steuerberater requires a lengthy education and a thorough professional exam called the “Steuerberaterprufung”. The examination is normally conducted once per year in October. The exam is a challenging and prestigious professional exam, which is comparable to full university studies in many aspects.

Fees applied by a Steuerberater are controlled by regulations but can vary depending on the type of work and the value of the item or asset managed during a task. Generally, the maximum rate is capped at 10/10 for tax return preparations and 1/20 or 1/20 for consulting.

Software Solutions for small and freelance companies

There are a few bookkeeping softwares available that allow you to replace some of the tasks of a Steuerberater in day to day affairs and help you save on consulting fees in the long run. One of these is Sorted, which is 100% in English and covers all of the typical administrative tasks you might have to deal with on a regular basis such as invoicing, accounting (VAT statements & profit loss reports) as well as banking.

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