Sony PS4: A Totally Different Gaming Experience

Sony gave the world a glimpse of its newest gaming console last February. It revealed some of the parts of the unit including the handheld and the box. Soon after, there were leaked photos of the entire modem. The only aspect that is much awaited by fans now is its power to play games. The PS4, however, is not expected until November. This is the same month its rival, Microsoft, will release their newest console. It still works on games that are sold in a compact disc in the market. There were no major changes to the way it exposes the games but there are developments that are definitely worth the long wait.

A More Intensified Handheld with DualShock 4

The previous handheld for PlayStation gaming console only performed half of what DualShock 4 can give. The trigger buttons on the latest unit are just incredible. It became more accurate. The shaking capacity of the DualShock 4 is also better. Playing the most famous games such as NBA, FIFA, and Grand Theft Auto can be more exciting and more fulfilling with this. The buttons are also much softer now. They are easier to push but they still have the crisp quality. The handles also give better grip because of the matte finish at its back. They have better curves than its predecessor. The only department that did not improve much for the handheld is its D-Pad.

A Tougher Shine and Matte Look

All the materials that come with the PS4 have a combination of a smooth and matte finish. The box, the handheld, and the unit all have this combination. It is still made up of the lightweight plastic that was present in all the consoles from Sony. Putting together shine and matte is a brand new idea incorporated in a console. It provides fewer places for the oily fingerprints to stick. Owners can also enjoy a more stylish look with this one. The unit also has covers for all its ports. The dust will not easily ruin the inside of the piece.

A Compatible and Hardcore Processor

Sony always makes everything easier for gamers. This new PS4 shows that it can be played with any game sold in the market. It does not have the same restrictions imposed by other companies. Before, games that are borrowed or rented from a friend cannot be read by the unit because of piracy issues. The company fixed this problem and made PS4 functional with any game. It is now run by one of the latest processors from Sony – the AMD Jaguar. This is already a lightning fast piece but critics would say that Sony can do better. The Jaguar is not the fastest and they still have a few months to please more audience. PS4 games

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