Gulfstream Business Jets for Sale

For over half a century, Gulfstream has been a name synonymous with the world of business aviation. Known for its luxury private jets, the company has won numerous Collier Trophies over the years and continues to innovate with new aircraft models that redefine industry standards. The company recently debuted its newest flagship, the G700, and is now taking it on a global publicity tour. Elon Musk reportedly has already signed up for one of the G700’s, which will replace his current fleet.

The G700 is the company’s first all-new model to be introduced in more than a decade, and it will set new benchmarks for the large cabin category. Its sleek exterior design and advanced technology combine to provide a luxurious travel experience. In terms of range, the G700 is capable of flying more than 7,200 nautical miles (14,500 km) nonstop. The aircraft is also the tallest and widest in its class, and its passenger cabin can be configured for up to 19 seats.

In addition to the G700, Gulfstream is working on two more new aircraft. The G500 is expected to make its debut at AERO Friedrichshafen this week, and it will offer customers best-in-class speed and range with advanced safety features.

Meanwhile, the Gulfstream G-IV continues to be one of the most popular business jets in the world. The aircraft offers a long-range performance with affordable operating fees and a spacious cabin. It is a favorite choice for charter flight companies, fractional ownership programs, and jet card programs. The annual fixed cost of the G-IV is around $860,000, which is considerably less than its competitors.

Despite the economic turmoil in the US, the Gulfstream production facility in Savannah continues to be a vital part of the local economy. The company plans to expand its workforce by adding a second Research and Development Center. The new building will accommodate up to 750 technical and engineering employees. It will be completed by the end of 2021.

The company’s other Savannah facility will also undergo a major expansion. The company has signed a lease with North Point Real Estate for the construction of a second research and development building. The facility will be built in the area of its existing headquarters. It will feature office space for up to 550 employees and a lab building with the capacity to support 150 employees. In addition, the building will house a research center for advanced technologies in business jets. The company will also build a new maintenance and repair center for its G550 fleet in the area. gulfstream for sale

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