Fashion Bags For Comfortable Pet Travel

If you have a small or toy breed, you may very well find that you have the option of bringing your dog with you far more places than you ever imagined. Perhaps the current wave of fashion divas and celebrities that are constantly seen with their pampered pooches have helped with the trend, but whatever the reason it is no longer unusual to see a tiny nose and bright, inquisitive eyes peering out of a designer fashion bag/pet carrier almost anywhere you may visit.

The growing trend of having a variety of fashion MK crossbody bag that are actually pet carriers in disguise has moved from just a few upscale pet stores marketing the bags to a whole range of designers, artisans and handcrafted bags that are sold in departments stores, pet stores and even through designer lines. The more dog friendly the world seems to become the greater the demand for these high fashion bags will be both now and in the future.

These bags are not just fashion first; they are also designed to be comfortable for the pet. One of the key factors of any bag has to be the safety factor. Look for the quality of stitching and design, avoid any bags that seem poorly made as not only will they simply fall apart, but they may also have small pieces such as tassels and trim that comes apart, posing a choking hazard for the dog. The fabric should be well supported on the bottom with some type of both outer and inner reinforcement to give your pooch a solid level area to stand on. It is also important that the bag holds it shape and doesn’t collapse in either across the bottom or on the sides, causing the dog to be squashed and unsupported.

Most of the fashion dog bags also have mesh or some type of open fabric at either end that can be zipped or snapped either open or closed. This is ideal for giving the dog a chance to see out while still being safely confined to the bag. You don’t want the opening to be too large as the small sized dogs could easily become overly excited and jump out, posing a real and very serious injury risk. Roll-down doors that can be secured at different levels are a great idea as this allows both security and structure. It is also important to be able to open both ends so that the temperature can be maintained that is appropriate to keep the dog comfortable.

Fashion dog bags come in a wide variety of fabrics and styles. Most of the bags will have a fairly wide, leather or heavy fabric strap that can be worn over the shoulder, allowing the dog to be comfortably carried close to the body, just above the waist. Adjustable straps are important for the comfort of the person carrying the bag, plus a variety of pockets and sections of the bag that are outside of the pet carrier compartment are a great option to safely carry wallets, keys and other items away from your dog.

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