Diabetic Socks Vs Regular Socks

What is a diabetic sock? Diabetic socks are designed to keep the feet dry and protected. New patients sometimes have difficulty distinguishing the difference between regular socks and diabetic socks. If you have diabetes, and want to know the importance of regular socks in relation to diabetic socks, we have some valuable tips to share with you.

Customers leave reviews all the time regarding purchases they make, and it would be a good idea to read them. Most diabetics who left reviews, reported comfort while wearing the diabetic socks. Retail stores sell regular socks at discount prices, if you are looking for a bargain.

If you have nerve damage to your extremities, you probably are suffering from neuropathy. This means that you have no feeling in your arms and legs. This is why many injuries go unnoticed with diabetic patients. They get a cut, which turns into a sore, which gets infected, which can ultimately lead to having to get a limb cut off. It is wise to check your extremities daily, to make sure you have not accidentally hurt yourself. Also, move around often to prevent neuropathy symptoms.

Keeping the sweat and odors out of your shoes, is usually achieved by wearing regular cotton socks. Diabetic socks are made of materials that allow for comfort, coolness, and dryness, while advocating circulation. The seams and tightness in regular socks, can sometimes rub against the skin, and create sores or blisters.

Many websites marketing diabetic socks claim their product will give amazing results. Take time to evaluate these claims. Most people with diabetes will not skimp on their health, and will ultimately pay high prices for products which claim to help them. A lot diabetic sites do not recommend any specific sock, and state that comfort is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right sock. A lot of the manufacturers of diabetic socks state their socks are made out of materials you have never even heard of.

In a recent scientific research study, it was determined that the right shoes, combined with thick socks, helped to prevent foot ulcers from occurring so frequently. High density socks were determined to relieve pressure better than regular socks, and both diabetic and regular socks performed about the same with regard to moisture. The padded socks, were able to pull moisture away from the skin better than regular socks, because of the spring cushioning. In a study performed by Feldman and Davis, doctors were concerned with the comfort of the socks. Certified Diabetic Educators were concerned with keeping the foot dry.

In conclusion, you have to be informed when purchasing diabetic socks. If you have diabetes, look for a sock that is comfortable, has padding, and is seamless. Lounging around the house would probably require a regular sock. However, if you are working out in a gym, or doing brisk walking, then it is considered wise to check out some socks for diabetics. Custom Fuzzy Socks

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